Introduction: The founder of Lanekatuk Memorial, Inc. began this organization with the intent of aiding the people of the area she called home as a child. Therefore the organizations beginning area of interest will be the area surrounding the village of Latwong, parish of Paduny, sub-county of Awach, county of Aswa, district of Gulu, within the northern region of the Republic of Uganda.

The purpose of the "OUR MISSION" section of the website is to give you some background information as to how northern Uganda has come to be in its current situation, a general understanding of the local government, healthcare, and education system within Uganda, an overall assessment of the current situation within the Gulu district, specifically near the Latwong village, and a general outline of the proposed projects that we believe will bring about the positive changes that will be needed to restore self-sustainability to the area.

Since the situation in northern Uganda is a dynamic one and as such the information on this website may change frequently, we would suggest that you refer back to our website often.

Below is a map of the information we are providing to you in the hopes that you will join us in our efforts. You can help by donating, volunteering, or by purchasing the founders book, "
The Gnawing Thoughts."
Lanekatuk Memorial, Inc.